These terms of conditions are applicable only for those people who are the users of the site of Graphics Path or who are involved with activities of this site. let us discuss those terms and conditions in detail:

Copyright Notice:

All of these words, sentences, policy, terms and Terms of Service of this site are copyrighted by Graphics Path authority. Without the permission of authority, publishing or copying any of this in parts or sentences in fully prohibited.

What we collect:

We collect from the end user specially their name, address and other related information.

What we do with the information we gather:

With the information we gather, we utilize this information to maintain our activities in a good process without any falsehood.


The authority of this site will maintain all privacy for them along with the privacy of customers. Any information cannot be given without permission of the main user or the real person and the authority can add or remove any privacy law without informing anyone. But all of these will be on the basis of welfare and development of the company.

Free trial

Any new customer will get the chance for a free trial only two times. Old customers will not get this service.


Payment of any service can be paid on debit care, bank account or other electronic devices provided by the authority.

Quality Guarantee

Quality guarantee will be applicable for all service for a limited period of time, and after that limited period, if anyone wants to get this quality guarantee, they have to pay extra currency.

Use of your image

Your image can be used by the company only for internal use, not for public use.

Use of cookies

Authority can use cookies for their security.

Hangable by the order of upper level authority of the organization.

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