GraphicsPath is now open to serve those people who want to avail the best Photo Retouching service on the internet at the present time. Such type of service is one of the things that this company can offer to all of its clients on the internet. This retouching service for photos was created with the use of the modernized facilities and equipment for photo editing. The individuals who will take care of the photos of the clients of this company are professional digital photo artists who have excellent skills in all types of retouching services for all kinds of photos.

All of the digital photo artists that are present in the facility of GraphicsPath have comprehensive experience in digital photography and several aspects of marketing. The company aims to provide the most efficient Photo Retouching service in the different parts of the globe. This retouching service for the different types of photos or images of the stated company is divided into three classifications. The first classification is called basic retouching service. In this service, the most basic techniques in retouching a photo are being used to satisfy the demands of those individuals who want to make their photos more attractive.


Some of the examples of changes that can be applied in a photo with the help of basic retouching service are the removal of wrinkles or pimples in the face of the subject/s in a photo and red eye removal. Few adjustments in color and contrast are also part of this retouching service for photos. The second classification of Photo Retouching service that can offer is the moderate retouching service. In this photo editing service, the problems that are related to color and contrast are part of the priorities of the digital photo artists.

Most common/basic Retouch tasks:

  • Smooth Skin, Reduce lines, wrinkles & blemishes.
  • Reduce skin redness.
  • Remove stray hairs. (Minimal)
  • Remove small objects from frame. (Minimal)
  • Straighten & whiten teeth.
  • Image sharpening

Most common Retouch Plus tasks:

  • Fix stray hairs, & add shine.
  • Body contouring, reducing weight & adding definition.
  • Brighten eyes, fix under eyes, add make up.
  • Plump lips, add shine.
  • Remove small objects from frame.
  • Reduce or enlarge image.

Modern/digital image retouching service

Moderate retouching service is a photo editing technique that can make corrections in the set of colors that is present in a digital photo. In this service, the contrast of a photo can be adjusted with the use of their modernized facilities for photo editing. This classification of Photo Retouching service is very reliable also when it comes to the process of resolving the problems that are related to the lighting of a photo. The level of light that is present in the quality of a photo can be adjusted easily with the help of this service that only the digital photo artists of can perform.

Image sharpening and glare removal are additional photo editing techniques that can be found in the moderate retouching service of The third classification of Photo Retouching service that this company can offer to all of its clients in the internet is the major retouching service for all kinds of photos and images. In this photo editing service, the different kinds of techniques for photo manipulation are present. Such techniques will be applied in all of the photos which will be entrusted to the digital photo artists of this company. Trimming, background clearing and digital alterations are part of the benefits of this service.

Glamour Retouching & Digital Photography Retouching Services

  • Pageant Retouching
  • Digital Makeover or Cosmetology
  • Retouch Old Photo
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Black And White Photo Retouching
  • High End Photo Retouching

Image Exposure Correction

  • Color exposed images in original films or digital files.
  • Underexposed & Overexposed images Correction
  • Adjust Inharmonious levels & improper gamma balance.
  • Improper color balance or multiple color exposures.

Extreme Photo Repair/Restoration Service

  • Damaged photo Repair
  • Torn image repair
  • Black & white historical images Restoration
  • Damp, Faded Photo Restoration
  • Light-exposed image Restoration
  • Open Closed Eyes
  • Photo Improvement using color hue balance & color correction
  • Tonal Adjustment
  • White & gray balance adjustment
  • Red eye removal
  • Extreme Photo Retouching

So if you need Photo Retouching Service, we request you to try a free trial or you can contact with us. We can assure you that we are ready to serve our best service for you.

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