This privacy policy is applicable for the people who use this site and get services from Graphics path. Graphic path reserves the right to change, add or remove any policy for the welfare and development of the company and for their security issues.

Graphics path is not obliged to obey any person’s order and it will not oblige to share any personal information to others or any third parties. But it can operate its activities and can supply any related information if it is available. It also should mention that personal information of the client is nontransferable and Graphics path strictly maintains the security of the client.

Graphics path may send messages to email or contact numbers of the customer monthly, periodically or in any definite time for business promotional purposes.

Graphics path will not use any kind of image of the customer for business purpose without permission even they will not transfer images to a third party for development purpose such as publishing image on the websites, but this condition is applicable except for the free trial images. Also we will use some image for our portfolio with client permission.

The customers who use the site of Graphics path are obliged to give true information and will supply up to date information of the user, and in the future, if any misuse or illegal work is done from any user’s account will responsible for this illegal work and Graphics path keeps the right to give any punishment according to its law and order.

Graphics path keeps the right to use the IP address of the client only for administrative works.

Financial information or transactional information can process any nominated party of graphics path. The customer can contact the customer service department for further detail information about the policy.

Any package or discount offer given by Graphics path will not be applicable for that person who is engaged with the Graphics path as service holder of the institution.

Graphics path will try their best to deliver related legal information and requirements of the customer, but they are liable to fulfill any order of others and no punishment will be applicable for this.

Customers of Graphics path can withdraw any offer through the legal processing and rules.

Graphic design authority keeps the right to include or exclude any law without informing mass people but as the Graphics path’s aim is to give a great service, so they will try to inform their client before fifteen days of correction, including or excluding operational law if needed.

For other related information, the client can send an email through this email or contact form and the team of graphic path will supply the answer to the question asked by the customer within 3 hours.

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